monta pack 623F

monta pack 623F
PET (Polyester) Acrylic Water Dispersion
Marking / Packing

Technical Data Sheet 11/2016


monta pack 623F is a security tape for carton closure. Through its characteristics, goods can be protected from manipulation and unauthorised access through third party. When removed, the adhesive tape leaves the mark "OPENED" in various languages which stays evident after re-sealing. It is recommended, to use a high quality white cardboard and wait at least 30 minutes, before the tape is removed.


  • high tensile strength
  • good adhesion and holding power
  • low noise and smooth unwinding
  • tamper evidence, security wording in 5 languages
  • suitable for recycling processes
 Technical Data Unit 
Backingpolyester film, biaxially oriented
Adhesiveacrylic water dispersion
Breaking LoadN/25mm
minimum 110
 minimum 45
Thicknessmm0.050 ±10%
Adhesion Strength on SteelcN/25 mm
n. a.
 n. a.
Colourred (other colours upon request)
Core Diametermm76

Please note that all information is based on manufacturer's data. We therefore recommend testing the suitability of the self-adhesive tape for the designated application or use.