monta film 330

monta film 330
BOPP Hotmelt
Protecție etichete

Technical Data Sheet 11/2016


monta film 330 is an adhesive tape designed for label protection. Because of the backside coating the tape is easy to unwind.


  • high tensile strength in longitudinal and cross direction
  • high adhesion and holding power on various surfaces
  • resistant to diluted acids and alkalies
  • temperature resistant: short term up to approx. +60°C
  • easy to unwind
  • suitable for recycling processes
 Technical Data Unit 
Basepolypropylene film, biaxially oriented
Adhesivesynthetic rubber (hotmelt)
Breaking LoadN/25mm
minimum 100
 minimum 40
Thicknessmm0.048 ±10%
Adhesion Strength on SteelcN/25 mm
1000 ±150
 4.0 ±0.6
Core Diametermm76

Please note that all information is based on manufacturer's data. We therefore recommend testing the suitability of the self-adhesive tape for the designated application or use.