A matter of trust

Done: thanks to the approval of the AEO-C status, which is granted for unlimited time, monta as of now benefits from noticeable facilitations in customs procedures.

AEO stands for “Authorized Economic Operator”. The title is awarded exclusively to those companies in the EU that have distinguished themselves through great reliability.

The thus obtained leap of faith is rewarded with a faster handling of customs procedures in the international movement of goods – not only with EU member states, but also with other important trade partners such as the USA, Japan or China.

Since there are less customs controls, monta has gained a real advantage over competitors. Moreover, the AEO-C status is considered as a seal of quality, certifying solvency of the respective company, as well as its compliance with legal provisions.

Therefore we are especially proud of the approval, which became effective on 15.01.2017, and would like to thank all employees for their contribution to this achievement.